DIY Projects

Dry Erase Notes

Spray paint your frame, cut a piece of notebook paper to fit, add an embellishment and you have a great new dry erase board for your reminders!

Magnets With Style

To make your own magnets you will need some craft magnets, a bottle of E 6000 glue {hot glue doesn't bond to metal}, and anything that goes with your classroom theme! This is a simple and fun way to add some character to your room.

Chicken Wire Frames

This is a great way to display your class photo or those fabulous pieces of art that your students make for you! Coming soon...the tutorial on how to make this frame.

Dry Erase Calendar

No more freebie calendars for me! Now I have a beautiful calendar that matches my classroom. Coming soon... the step by step tutorial to make your own.

Clothes Pins with Flair

Clothes pins are a great inexpensive way to display your students' work without putting staples in it. Add a little fabric, scrapbook paper, washi tape or ribbon and glue a thumbtack on the back and voila! {remember do not use hot glue because it doesn't bond to the metal}

Photo Mats as Frames

Add a little embelishment to some inexpensive photo mats and some thumbtacks on the back and you have some great new frames! Use them to hang your family photos over your desk or to frame those notes you have to display on your walls.

Paper Mache Letter

I have changed partners, grade levels and classrooms a few times over the last few years so I decided to hang my initial on my door instead of making a new welcome sign every year. Coming soon... the tutorial on how to make this design.

Clipboard Frame

Making an old frame into a clip board is a great way to jazz up that boring lunch menu hanging on your wall. Plus the clip makes it easy for students to change for you! Stay tuned for the tutorial.

Chalkboard Tags

Paint wooden tags with chalkboard paint and you have reusable tags!