Thursday, August 30, 2012

My New Classroom {So Far}

I spent all summer working on DIY projects and 2 weeks moving from my old classroom into my new one and getting it all put together. I am SOOOOOO happy with how it has turned out so far. The yellow is so bright and cheery! :)

I have changes rooms and grade levels several times {due to low enrollment} so this year I decided I was not going to include my grade or room number on my welcome sign. I went with my last initial so now I can take it anywhere with me. :) And in case you are wondering, no I did not paint my door gray to match, but don't think I wouldn't have. :)

This is my desk area. Everything you see is a DIY project from this summer! I was so excited to finally see all the projects in action. I was grinning from ear to ear and doing that little yeah me clap that you hope no one sees you doing. :)

Dry erase calendar made from fabric, ribbon and an old picture frame.

Chicken wire frames are perfect for displaying all the FABULOUS art work your students make for you.

I made this sign from an old pallet and vinyl.

I am a party girl at heart so my love of paper fans carried over into my classroom.

I added fabric flowers to picture mats I bought at the dollar store and voila, super cute {and super cheap} picture frames!

I spray painted an old lamp, recovered the lamp shade and added fabric flowers to add a touch of home to my library area.

I didn't like my rainbow colored ABC line so I used my polka dot border to create my own custom ABC line. It looks so much cuter!
The writing wall for displaying all of their wonderful writing.

Paper mache letter are fun way to add some dimension to your walls.

I used the coordinating scrapbook paper to make pinwheels and added them to my torn fabric garland. I like the shabby chic and whimsy feel of it. :)

I used chalkboard tags for the student names so next year I don't have to buy new tags I just have to erase the names! I know, that was a good idea wasn't it.

I added a mini torn fabric banner in the window above my door.

I made a pennant banner  to hang across my window. {That blind is broken so it doesn't close all the way and it drives me nuts!!}

I used chalkboard labels for everything. :)

So what do you think? It's still a work in progress, but my students and I love to walk into our cheery classroom every day. :)


  1. this looks FAB! My daughter is in 4th grade too & she would LOVE this room! It's VERY inviting & comfy - and I wouldn't be surprised if the kids in the 'other' classrooms were jealous! lol
    You did a great job! =)

  2. Oh I need a pinwheel tutorial!!

  3. Just found your blog from instagram and oh my goodness, your stuff is absolutely adorable!!! I'm on vacation right now and going crazy that I won't be able to start working on my classroom for another week and a half, but your pictures are definitely giving me some inspiration!!! So darn cute!!!

  4. I absolutely love your classroom!!

  5. Congrats from France!!!!! Your art is international now via Pinterest!!!

  6. How did you make the calendar? Also the months for each month

  7. Love this style. I am doing this style with blue instead of yellow. I think every classroom has one of those blinds. I know I wrestle with mine trying to get it even too. More close ups of the calendar. It looks like you used yarn for the month label? I love your welcome letter and the writing wall mats. This is just so cute. Thanks for the inspiration.